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Coming off the end of Men’s Health Week, we focus The Heart Series this week on men and heart disease.

Heart disease kills more than 3,600 men in New Zealand each year, disproportionately affecting more Māori and Pacific men, with the mortality rate among Māori being more than twice that of non-Māori.  Men generally develop heart disease at a younger age (10 years earlier) and have a higher risk of heart disease, than women.

By clicking here, you will learn in detail about your blood pressure, the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy heart, heart health tips for men and how to lower your risk of heart disease.

And if by reading through this segment it starts to sound familiar, or raises concerns about your own health, we are here to help.  Heart disease is easier to treat if detected early.  So don’t put it off, get in contact with us/your healthcare provider.