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Introducing MyIndici

The Baderdrive Doctors Patient Portal

Book an appointment online and more with MyIndici

Register with MyIndici

If you ever get stuck, contact us at   [email protected]

Getting started with MyIndici

Using the Baderdrive Doctors Patient Portal

The Basics

You need to be an enrolled patient with Baderdrive Doctors to be able to use the MyIndici Patient Portal. Casual patients won't be able to register or use MyIndici.

Once you have enrolled with Baderdrive Doctors, you will then need to register yourself with MyIndici.

Once you have Registered with MyIndici, you can then log into the MyIndici Patient Portal.

Things to be aware of when you use the Patient Portal

What you can do with the MyIndici Patient Portal.

After registering yourself with MyIndici, there is a lot you can do with MyIndici.

Remember, if you ever get stuck, email the clinic at [email protected].

Things you can with the MyIndici Patient Portal:

  • Book an appointment with one of our GP’s online
  • Request a repeat prescription (conditions apply)
  • Check your test results

Non-attendance for booked appointments
Appointments made with no attendance or notification of cancellation two hours before your appointment time will incur a $15.00 fee which will be added to your account.

Standard consultation
The standard time for a consultation is 15 minutes. If your consultation goes over-time additional charges will apply.
If you think you may need more time, please advise the reception team when making your booking.

Virtual consultations
For all virtual consultation bookings (video or phone), you must pre-pay your consult fee before your consultation begins. Payments need to be made at here.

Once your booking is confirmed, the GP will send a web link to your mobile number we have on record for you to follow when it is time to begin your virtual consultation. Please contact the clinic on 09 275 8598 if you have any problems with connecting with your GP or if you need the link to be sent to another mobile number.