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Family Violence

Professor and paediatrician Dawn Elder of the University of Otago, writes about the different lenses one should look through when trying to understand and address the problem of Family Violence.

In Elder's article in the New Zealand Medical Journal - she acknowledges that New Zealand has a huge problem with Family Violence and looks at it from a health point of view - the different types of violence a child may experience, the resulting effects and behavioural comparisons once a child is removed from such settings.

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Vacancy - Practice Nurse

We currently have a vacant position for a Practice Nurse (full/part time).

To apply - follow the link below or send your CV through to [email protected]

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Baby deaths caused by incorrect vaccination procedure - Samoa health ministry confirms

Samoa's health ministry says the deaths of two babies last year were caused by nurses mixing the wrong liquid with MMR vaccines.

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Inside the fluʼs spree of destruction

Each year influenza kills hundreds of New Zealanders, withthree deaths already this season. In the fifth in a series on vaccine- preventable diseases, Farah Hancock looks at how you get the flu, what it does and why influenza viruses are a tricky moving target for vaccine makers.

Farah Hancock from the Newsroom reports.

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Easter & ANZAC Holidays




Both Baderdrive Doctors Mangere & Manurewa sites will be closed on the following dates:

Friday 19/04/2019

Monday 22/04/2019

Thursday 25/04/2019

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Test Results


The Practice Nurse will contact you regarding your tests results ONLY if they are abnormal:

You will be notified of any abnormal test result that is life threatening IMMEDIATELY.  This will require you to come in to the clinic for an urgent assessment with the Doctor.

  1. The Practice will call your contact numbers

  2. If you are not contactable; then a community health worker will be sent out to your home

  3. If you are required to go to the hospital for treatment then the clinic will arrange (where appropriate) for an ambulance to take you from your home directly to the hospital

For all other non life-threatening abnormal test results, you will be contacted by the Practice Nurse to make an appointment to come in for a review with the Doctor either by a:

  1. Phone call or
  2. Text message

For ALL normal test results you will not be informed routinely however you can call the clinic on (275 8598) and leave a message (option 4) for the Practice Nurse.

The voicemail is cleared every day (Mon-Fri) at 10am and 2pm.


Please note that Baderdrive Doctors will be increasing its consultation fee for enrolled patients to $18.00 beginning April 1st 2017. Additional changes to fees will be introduced including an increase in fees for weekend consultations.  

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Change in Fees

Stroke: New Zealand’s preventable $3 billion problem

Stroke is the most common cause of permanent disability, costing the country an estimated $3 billion each year. This week, a nationwide campaign to raise awareness around the condition kicks off!  Teuila Fuatai reports.

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One big step for the migrant dream

On a proud day for Lupe Kaufusi's parents, they got to see their daughter graduate from the same business school they both clean at.  Teuila Fuatai reports.

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We know that your housing circumstances can have a major impact on your health and general well-being.

A year after the coalition Government took office, its flagship housing plan KiwiBuild is barely off the ground. At this year’s Bruce Jesson Memorial lecture, Monte Cecilia Housing Trust’s Bernie Smith argued KiwiBuild’s flaws not only perpetuate housing unaffordability, but cause further intergenerational social problems.

Teuila Fuatai reports.

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KiwiBuild: a ‘community trainwreck’

Has the ‘New Zealand dream’ turned sour for Auckland's Pacific Islanders?  Touted as the world’s most Polynesian city, Pacific Islanders make up 15% of Auckland’s population. But does the dream of a better life match reality?

Eleanor Ainge Roy reports.

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The "New Zealand Dream"

Damon Salesa: Pākehā are Pacific Island people too

Associate Professor Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa is the University of Auckland’s first Pro Vice Chancellor Pacific.Of Samoan-Pālagi descent, Salesa has become a leading author and historian of Pacific studies and race relations. He is also the first person of Pacific Island descent to become a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University.

In an interview with Newsroom, Salesa discusses his new role, and why New Zealand needs to embrace its position as a leading Pacific nation.

He also touches on Auckland’s growth as a Pacific city, and how the school decile system, “white flight” and the Don Brashes of the world are detrimental to a healthy and productive New Zealand.

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What is Tuberculosis (TB)?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that can be simply passed by an infected person sneezing, coughing or spitting and you inhaling it. Sometimes there are no symptoms and other times there are.Follow the link below to become better informed on everything there is to know about TB and what to look out for.

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Bowel screening every two years can help save lives

Bowel screening every two years can help save lives by detecting bowel cancer early when it can often be successfully treated.The National Screening Unit are offering a free screening programme in Counties Manukau every two years to men & women aged 64-70 years who are elegible for publicly funded healthcare.For more information on the eligibility criteria phone 0800 924 432 or click here.

It is time to screen! :)

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Advances in research and technology have put hospital physicians at the forefront of modern-day medical miracles. But has it been to the detriment of our grassroots healthcare?  

Teuila Fuatai reports.

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Getting back to grassroots healthcare in South Auckland

Is Spiritual Health Important?

Anae Dr Neru Leavasa asks " Why are our Maori and Pacific people still over represented in health statistics?"  Spiritual health might be the key in unlocking the benefits of health overall.

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Work place injuries in South Auckland 2017 - 2018

Whats been happening in South Auckland workplaces over the last year?  Michelle Fasi investigates.

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We have re-launched our Sports Clinic.

Injure yourself over the weekend playing sports? Make an appointment with Anae Dr Neru Leavasa's Sports Clinic is open on Mondays from 1pm - 5pm.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a social team player, we are here to support your recovery from injury or even support your sporting career with medical advice and guidance.


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Baderdrive Doctors Sports Clinic


On his recent return from the Sports Medicine NZ Conference in Nelson, Anae Dr Neru Leavasa couldn't help but appreciate the history of doping in sport and the current regulations that try to keep sports clean from prohibited drugs.

Anae Dr Neru Leavasa reports.

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Doping in Sport

Request Repeat Prescriptions online!

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Patients enrolled at Baderdrive Doctors who are taking long term medications can now request a prescription online.

Our Mangere clinic will be open during the Christmas and New Years holiday season with limited hours.  

Our Manurewa clinic will be closed from Monday 24th December 2018 to Friday 4th January 2019.

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Christmas & New Years Clinic Hours

Queen's Birthday Holiday




Both Baderdrive Doctors Mangere & Manurewa sites will be closed on the following date:

Monday 03/06/2019

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Rheumatic fever is a serious but preventable illness.  It mainly affects Pacific and Māori children and young people (aged 4 to 19 years), and starts from a sore throat.

Click here fore more information from Dr Siro Fuatai.

Rheumatic Fever

Matt Johnson, a promising rugby star, had rheumatic fever as a child and openly shares his experience with this illness - from having a sore throat one moment to having an emergency open heart surgery the next.
To read more of his experience, click here.

Photo: Getty Images - newsroom


Matt Johnson's story...