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Baderdrive Doctors | Measles Outbreak

As of the 30th of October 2019 there have been 1,581 confirmed cases of measles in Auckland this year (ARPHS (Auckland Regional Public Health Service)).  Majority of these cases have been in the Counties Manukau area.

Baderdrive Doctors understands the increase in concern in the community surrounding the measles outbreak, so to help you, we have made a list of a few important things to know.

  • If you have been exposed to measles, please stay isolated at home to minimise the risk of it spreading further.  Call ahead of time if you would like to see a doctor to book an appointment.  Once you have arrived outside the clinic, please call us from your vehicle to let us know you have arrived and a doctor or nurse will come out to see you

  • If you are unsure whether you have been fully immunised, please call the clinic and ask to speak to a nurse who can check and/or arrange a vaccination for you.  Please do not walk in and request for a vaccination without an appointment.  Priority is given to those most vulnerable, especially the young, therefore calling ahead of time is most ideal

  • For anyone aged 50 years or older - born before 1969 - you are considered immune as you would have been exposed to measles as a child due to its severity at the time.  Therefore you do not need an MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) injection

  • Make sure your children are up to date with their immunisations.  With the rapid spread, babies at 6 months can now receive their first MMR injection.  All other routine vaccinations to continue as scheduled.

  • If you notice any of the below symptoms, please remain at home, stay isolated and give our clinic a call and on of our nurses or doctors will advise you what to do.

  • As advised by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service - please do not just turn up to your GP, after hours or emergency department as you could potentially infect others.

In any case, if you are unsure of any of the above information, feel free to call our clinic and our team will be more than happy to assist.  Similarly, you can also call Healthline on 0800611116.

Full details and information are available by clicking on any of the guides below, courtesy of ARPHS.