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Dr Nua Tupa'i has over 20 years experience as a medical Practitioner in Counties Manukau with over 10 years as Clinical Director for Baderdrive Doctors.

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R&R specialises in providing nutritional advice for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and well being through weight loss.

Nutritional Health Clinic







R&R identifies an individual’s health status with treatment programs that support changes in lifestyle coupled with the use of specific supplement protocols.

R&R also offers intravenous Vitamin C customised to an individual’s health needs.

Diet and supplement advice for managing weight-loss.

Immune support, Cancer support, wound healing, improvement of quality of life.

Vitamin C

HCG (Human Choronic Gonadotropin) Weight Management Programme


Nutritional Assessment.

Fitgenes - DNA Profiling (FitGenes)

  • Personalized genetic profiling.

Organic Acid Testing (Nutri Search)

  • Organix comprehensive Profile test.

DNA Profiling

Bio-identical Hormones

Hormonal treatment (usually for the middle aged) to boost energy levels, managing weight gain (sometimes for the first time) and managing symptoms of menopause.

The dominant oestrogen used in bioidentical hormones is oestradiol.

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R&R clinic at Baderdrive Doctors is open every Wednesday from 2pm - 5pm.   Call us on 09 275 8598 and say you would like to make a booking with the R&R Clinic.